Monetize Pop, Redirect and Exit Traffic

Adsomi’s redirect monetization platform delivers advertiser demand from the largest traffic exchanges in the industry.

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Redirect Monetization Platform

Sell pop, redirect and exit traffic to 1,500 advertisers with 30,000+
campaigns covering all countries, platforms and devices.

Exchange Integrations

Our platform is integrated with the largest traffic exchanges in the industry.

Real-Time Bidding

Over 1,000 advertisers bid on every pop or redirect in real-time to optimize yield.

Weekly Payments

Publishers get paid weekly. No payout minimums or thresholds are required.

24/7 Support

Our publisher support desk is open on all timezones worldwide.

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Blazing Fast Ad Server

When it comes to ad delivery, every millisecond counts. Adsomi's ad stack is optimized to serve ads instantly.

Ad delivery within 100ms

Our ad code is optimized for performance and speed.

Global CDNs

Get split-second ad delivery anywhere in the world.

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