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Adsomi Ad Server

RTB-enabled ad server for exit, remnant, and geo-redirect traffic.  Sign up today and get one month free.

Popunder Ads

Adsomi’s standard popunder ads use the “New Tab Replace” method where a popunder is served on the left of the current tab. Users find this method less intrusive than traditional popups.


Redirect Ads

Adsomi’s redirect ads use a JS ad tag and the “on-click” method to redirect users when they click anywhere on the page.  This is a great way to monetize traffic on pages that aren’t mobile-optimized.


Direct Link & API

Adsomi’s direct links and API offer publishers the flexibility to monetize users however they’d like.  Create custom ad units, media buy on 3rd party networks, or monetize parked domains.


Back-Button & Back-Swipe Ads

High-volume landing pages often suffer from high bounce rates.  Monetize every bounce with this innovative ad format.

NEW! Kickstart Your Ad Network

Our onboarding specialists are here to help. Our Kickstart Package helps you instantly launch and configure your ad network. We’ll get you up and running in a fraction of the time.